Welcome! I’m Wim Van Leuven and highestpoint.biz is my vehicle to offer you my services as software engineer and technology enthusiast.

Emerging Technologies

As a technology geek, I actively keep track of the latest trends and technologies in the ICT landscape.

I am co-founder of BigBoards.io where we sell our Hex, a personal big data portable cluster. That’s a lot of contradictory adjectives for one word!
I am co-organizer of BigData.be, the leading Belgian big data user group.
And finally I co-builded AppMine.io, which is an application mining product to distill intelligence from source code.

Software Engineer

I provide consultancy and services in the area of software engineering.

  • development management, project management
  • architecture, design, development, maintenance
  • enterprise application integration, enterprise application modernization
  • change management, configuration management, development streets
  • etc.

My goal is to help you apply the most appropriate technologies in solving your business issues in the most (cost) effective manner.

  • Big data and NoSQL
  • Web 3.0 focusing on semantics and the internet of things
  • Cloud computing
  • Open standards, open source & open data