Welcome to the brand new blog at highestpoint!

This website serves me multiple purposes. First of all, in my day to day professional life, I read, discuss and learn so much about the most amazing technologies from the brightest of people, that I feel the urge to share and discuss these subjects with anyone interested. That is what the blog on this site is for. For me, those articles are my contribution to the general knowledge. Second, as an independent consultant, I use this domain as the web presence of my company. So you can find all the information on myself and highestpoint BVBA in the pages surrounding this blog. And finally, writing these posts not only improves my penmanship, but, more important, sharpens my analytical skills.

So, you can expect a variety of posts ranging from software engineering and cloud computing, over starting your own business to a myriad of other hobby projects.

The actual content and frequency of these posts will most certainly vary greatly. However, I hope you will enjoy reading my musings and come back once and a while. For myself, I certainly look forward to reading all your comments, suggestions and ideas. So, I’ll see you soon then!

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